Member Spotlight: July

For more than 60 years, Burke Industries has been manufacturing a highly diversified line of products for construction, aerospace, the armed forces and a wide range of commercial applications. Burke Industries is comprised of three divisions: Burke Flooring, Burke Environmental Products Roofing Systems, and Burke Custom Process. All three Divisions, Environmental Products & Roofing, Custom Process and Burke Flooring are headquartered in San Jose, California. Burke has successfully installed over 500 million square feet of geomembrane liners, covers, and roofing products throughout the United States, as well as internationally. In addition to being able to produce products for just about any industry, Burke also provides the following services: slitting and die cutting, autoclave curing, barwell extrusion, calendaring, and mixing. For more information on Burke Industries, please contact Steve Roades at, or visit


FGI Welcomes Two New Manufacturer Members: Nortene and Filmtex

The FGI is pleased to welcome its two newest manufacturer members, Filmtex ( and  Nortène (  Headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Nortène specializes in the manufacturing of geomembranes for the construction and agricultural industries.  The FGI liasion is Mrs. Lima, who can be reached at  Filmtex is headquartered in Bogota, Columbia, and specializes in the manufacturing of decorative coatings, packaging films and pharmaceutical packaging.  The FGI liaison is John Jairo Beltran, who can be reached at  Please help us welcome Nortène and Filmtex to the FGI!!!!

FGI Welcomes Newest Manufacturer Member: Polytex S.A.

The FGI is pleased to welcome its newest manufacturer member, Polytex S.A. ( Polytex is headquartered in Santiago, Chile, with additional manufacturing facilities in Iquique, Chile and Lima, Peru. Polytex specializes in the manufacturing of geoembrane liners for exposed conditions, including leach pads, channels, dams, reservoirs, liquid containment, storage tanks, and more. The FGI liaison is Cessily Duran Vivas, who can be reached at Please help us welcome Polytex S.A. to the FGI!!!!

FGI Welcomes Newest Fabricator/Installer Member: International Lining Technology

The FGI is pleased to welcome its newest fabricator/installer member, International Lining Technology ( International Lining Technology is headquartered in Reno, Nevada, with a second office in The Woodlands, Texas. International Lining Technology specializes in the installation of geoembrane liners for pond, pit, pad and canal lining projects. The FGI liaison is Michael Salley, who can be reached at or at (775) 284-2929. Please help us welcome International Lining Technology to the FGI!!!!