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Engineered Polymer Technologies (EPT), a division of Ronald Mark Associates, Inc., which was founded in Hillside, New Jersey, in 1974, has a primary goal of providing its customers with the highest quality flexible products by utilizing the latest polymer chemistry. EPT is a world class provider of supported and unsupported polymer sheeting and coating technologies. Through the use of proprietary extrusion coating processes, EPT can meet the exacting needs of various specifications and applications. These processes can provide supported and unsupported products ranging from 10 mil to 120 mil thickness in many commercially available polymer technologies. In addition to the wide thickness range, EPT has the ability to produce materials widths from 36” up to 120”. EPT has over 30 years of polymer processing experience, manufactures a wide range of extrusion coated industrial fabrics and utilize a wide range of Thermoplastic Polymers including PVC, KEE, TPU and TPO. For more information on Engineered Polymer Technologies or their products, please contact Ed Silva at or visit their website at


Article: Sustainable geomembrane recycling and downcycling

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