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As part of the Bridgestone family of companies, Firestone has been a world-recognized leader in rubber polymer technology for over 100 years. Building on this broad legacy, Firestone Building Products has become a leading manufacturer of quality waterproofing membranes for residential, commercial, industrial and critical containment applications, as well as a leading supplier to the building envelope industry. Firestone Specialty Products’ geomembranes provide durable, dependable solutions for nearly any application. Whether for decorative commercial water features or critical containment applications such as agriculture, aquaculture, mining and other water containment, Firestone’s geomembrane systems are easy to install and built to last. Available in standard or reinforced with a scrim, Firestone EPDM Geomembrane systems offer the strength and resilience to perform in many of the most demanding environments, including: agricultural waste lagoons and ponds, canals, evaporation and retention ponds, mining applications, and water reservoirs. Firestone fPP-R Geomembrane is a polypropylene/rubber-based membrane, reinforced with a scrim that is inserted between the top and bottom plies, and is both flexible and heat-weldable. It is also available as a non-reinforced panel. Firestone fPP-R Geomembrane applications include: agricultural waste lagoons and ponds, canals, evaporation ponds, mining applications, floating covers, golf course water features and water reservoirs. For more information on Firestone Specialty Products, please contact Jeff Pankonie at or visit


Article: Sustainable geomembrane recycling and downcycling

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