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Simbeck and Associates, Inc. entered the liner containment business in 1992. JoAnne ran a pre-school/ day-care for 12 years and Jon spent 15 years selling for B.F. Goodrich and other Suppliers. They talked Brian Simbeck (now Operations VP) into leaving Environmental Liners and forming a small family business. All five sons worked at one point or another, with Duff Simbeck now in charge of personnel and contracts. Over twenty two years, Simbeck and Associates, Inc. installed membranes in 25 different states (180 million square feet total) including high-profile jobs like Summitville Mine 1998 and Nottingham Lake in 2013 . Corporate headquarters are in Mancos, Colorado, with a second facility in Brainerd, Minnesota. For repair requests or bid notifications, please contact Duff Simbeck (970) 533-7178 ( or visit


Article: Sustainable geomembrane recycling and downcycling

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