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In 2011, Demtech Services, Inc. hit the road with Wayne Leger and “Demtech On The Move,” another innovative solution that delivers customer service right to your door step. The mobile unit was an instant hit, with demand for a visit from Wayne exceeding all expectations. Over the next two years, Demtech responded by expanding “Demtech On The Move” to include Bob Annalora, Nico Fauci, and Nick Majerus. All four technicians travel throughout the United States with their fully-equipped trailers/vans to bring the following services to you: · Equipment Demonstrations · Hands-On Training · CWT Certification · On-Site Repairs Our goal is to furnish the industry with the most reliable, durable and fastest equipment and repairs possible. “Powered by Innovation,” Demtech equipment leads the industry for quality and affordability. Give us a call today. We look forward to servicing your thermoplastic installation equipment needs. For more information please contact Bob Annalora by e-mail at


Article: Sustainable geomembrane recycling and downcycling

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