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Western Environmental Liner was created in 2002 by their parent company Western Ag Enterprises Inc. to help satisfy the needs of several of their customers who were asking for geomembrane liners. Western Ag Enterprises had previously focused on the production and service of Tarps & Covers and felt the need to put more focus into geomembrane specialization by creating a separate division. Headquartered in Tolleson, Arizona, with locations in Kansas and New York as well, Western Environmental Liner specializes in the production of custom fabricated geomembrane linings for multiple applications, including but not limited to; very large ponds & lakes liners of all shapes and sizes, liners for canals, temporary construction ponds, waste pits, mining applications, golf course ponds, recreational facilities, oil field fuels & waste containment as well as frack pad, pit, & tank liners. Liner materials provided include, but are not limited to, Reinforced Polyethylene, Reinforced Polypropylene, PVCs, Xr5, and potable drinking water certificated products as well as other specialized geoemembranes. For more information about Western Environmental Liners capabilities, please contact Shane Carter at or visit


Article: Sustainable geomembrane recycling and downcycling

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