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Field Lining Systems, Inc. (FLSI) is a 33 year-old privately held Arizona Corporation founded in 1983 to provide specialty lining systems to industrial, governmental, public utility, and private corporate clients. FLSI fabricates, distributes and installs geosynthetic membrane linings, including LLDPE, GCL, GEONET, Geotextile, PVC, RPP, Hypalon, EPDM, RPE, Rigid Plastics, HDPE and other geomembranes. FLSI has successfully installed over 200 million SF of geosynthetic products. FLSI fabricates both primary and secondary liners for many applications, including: plating, potable water storage, hazardous materials, pits, ponds, berms, oil, sumps, bladders, and floating covers. FLSI builds custom, applications specific projects. They have cultivated relationships with major plastic suppliers and manufacturers and work closely with their experts to make sure the products they build are constructed from the best materials for the application. Field Lining uses only materials with a proven record of compatibility with each constituent being contained. With their 30,000 SF fabrication facility situated on six acres in Avondale, Arizona, FLSI has the space to build the largest projects, as well as welcome the small ones. FLSI uses state-of-the-art equipment to fabricate all of their tanks. Their equipment includes a Wegener Bender, Wegener Butt Fusion Welder, CNC Water-jet, CNC Router, Hot Gas Welders, and custom built Extrusion Welders. Field Lining Systems is a certified woman owned, minority business with all the necessary safety, insurance and bonding capability to meet the most demanding project. For more information on FLSI, please visit or contact Ron Gutierrez at


Article: Sustainable geomembrane recycling and downcycling

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