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Hapco sells and services a complete line of thermoplastic welding heat tools used during installation of drilling well pad, primary/secondary containment, and pond liners for the shale gas and oil industry. Hapco sells and services BAK heat guns, wedge welders, and extruders; along with Demtech wedge welders and extruders. Hapco also stocks a full line of equipment accessories, including the BAK Laron walk behind welder. This welder was primarily designed for the roofing industry and is utilized to mechanical weld geomembranes and foam berming. Hapco is conveniently located in Northeast Ohio and has been providing equipment to all major natural gas plays, and is within 1 day shipping for the majority of the Marcellus and Utica shale deposits. Hapco welcomes a visit by those needing to drop off equipment for repair and/or order pickup. Hapco’s additional office serves the Southern U.S. shale plays and is located in Hewitt, Texas, near Waco. For more information on Hapco, Inc., please contact Mike Szugye by cell phone @ 330-697-3259 or by email at or visit


Article: Sustainable geomembrane recycling and downcycling

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