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InterWrap, founded in 1983, is a vertically integrated, global manufacturer of innovative coated woven products and diverse multi-layer laminated reinforced plastic substrates. InterWrap serves a wide variety of markets such as wood packaging - lumber wrap, industrial packaging, large format outdoor digital print media, converted fabrics, agricultural and construction products. InterWrap’s corporate headquarters are in Vancouver BC, Canada, with manufacturing and distribution centers located throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. In addition to making the commitment to recycle all of the scrap generated at their own manufacturing facitlities, InterWrap also has a global recycling program with post consumer collection points spread across Canada, the U.S.A., India & China. For more information on InterWrap’s products and services, please contact Bill Barnes at or visit


Article: Sustainable geomembrane recycling and downcycling

To download article, please click here.

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