Member Spotlight: July

Rocheux International (RI) has been a leading supplier of plastic films and sheets to a wide array of industries for over 30 years. With warehouses strategically positioned across North America to service their customers, RI’s focus is on customer service, product quality and collaboration. While the core of Rocheux International's business is rooted in plastic films and sheets, they also offer performance materials such as plastic resins, epoxy resins, carbon fiber, even supported films that mimic genuine leather and high end fabric. Rocheux International offers the world's most extensive line of flexible vinyl films manufactured by NanYa Plastics, a division of Formosa Chemical. As North America's major distribution and marketing arm of NanYa Plastics, Rocheux International serves customers in a wide variety of end use markets including: stationary and office products, geomembrane and pond-liners, in-ground and above ground pool liners, pressure sensitive and graphic films, decorative films, wallcovering and three ply laminates, waterbed liners and heater films. For more information on Rocheux Internatinal, contact Vinod Warrier at or visit For more information on NanYa Plastics, please contact Justin Yan at or visit


FGI Presents Second Annual Engineering Innovation Award


The Fabricated Geomembrane Institute (FGI) presented its second annual Fabricated Geomembrane Engineering Innovation Award during its annual membership meeting in Orlando, Florida on March 13, 2017 at the ASCE Geo-Frontiers Conference. The FGI’s membership meeting was attended by forty-seven (47) people and held in conjunction with the Industrial Fabrics Association International. The 2017 Engineering Innovation Award was presented to Ronald K. Frobel & Associates and S&ME, Inc. for the Columbus Upground Reservoir Project. This is the largest geosynthetics lined reservoir in the United States, covering 843 acres. More than 37,000,000 square feet of fabricated polypropylene geomembrane, as well as 37,000,000 square feet of 10 ounce non-woven geotextile were used for the liner system on the base of the reservoir. The reservoir contains 475 fabricated geomembrane panels; each panel measures approximately 125 by 250 feet, with an area of about 31,250 square feet and weighing nearly 6,250 lbs. The FGI Engineering Innovation Award provides recognition for engineer(s) who have creatively used fabricated geomembranes to successfully fulfill a client/owner’s needs including, technical requirements, scheduling, and budget.

Jason Ross (left) of S&ME, Inc. accepts the 2017 Fabricated Geomembrane Engineering Innovation Award from Timothy D. Stark, FGI Technical Director.

Photograph showing installation of fabricated geomembrane panels

The FGI is dedicated to advancing the use of fabricated geomembranes through education, research, and technology transfer. The FGI is a consortium of manufacturers, fabricators/installers, designers, regulators, and material suppliers of fabricated geomembranes. For more information on the FGI, please visit

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