Member Spotlight: May

Nortène began its activities in Brazil in 1981, pioneering the supply of plastic polyethylene screens, tarps for construction industry, and agricultural films. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Nortène has expanded and strengthened its share on Brazilian market. The company commercializes its products throughout Brazil and abroad and it is experiencing a period of continuous growth, by increasing its products portfolio and modernizing its quality laboratory. Nortene manufactures products for the following markets: construction, infrastructure, environmental engineering, industry, agribusiness, irrigation, mining, sugar/ethanol, warehousing and silage. Nortene produces HDPE or LLDPE geomembranes in blow or flat die machines, according with the project specifications. Its laboratories are accredited by GAI LAP and all the customers receive a complete quality certificate with technical information from each roll delivered. For more information on Nortene, please contact Mrs. Lima at or visit


Anti-Trust Statement

The Fabricated Geomembrane Institute, FGI, is a professional society of members who function as individuals and not as agents or representatives of any organization with which they may be associated. It is the strict policy of the FGI, in all its meetings, to adhere to its objective to promote the education, professional growth, and betterment of those individuals associated with the fabricated geomembrane and associated industries. This policy is essential to avoid violating federal and state antitrust laws. It is the policy of the FGI and its members not to:

(1) illegally agree or conspire to take any action that constitutes price fixing, or to discuss, consider or debate prices and production costs, production targets, market allocation or division;
(2) illegally agree or conspire to take action or engage in discussion relating to the boycott, refusal to deal with, or exclusion of competitors;
(3) illegally agree or conspire to improperly set or discuss standards or codes or ethics that unreasonably inhibit or restrict competition; and
(4) not to engage in or discuss any other subject prohibited by the antitrust laws. If there are any violations of this policy, the offending member will be ruled out of order immediately and appropriately disciplined if necessary, and any action taken in violation of this policy immediately will be null and void, and a record minute will be made to that effect.