Member Spotlight: April

Achilles USA is the North American manufacturing subsidiary of Achilles Corporation, a worldwide conglomerate of plastic film manufacturing. Achilles Corporation began in 1947 as Kohkoku Chemical Industry Limited. It has grown to become an internationally recognized leading manufacturer of rubber cloth, footwear, supported and unsupported vinyl film. Located in Everett, Washington, Achilles USA’s manufacturing plant calenders, extrudes, laminates and slits polyvinyl chloride (PVC), cast polypropylene (CPP) and olefin films. Markets that they serve include: automotive, graphics, industrial fabrics, medical and health care, semiconductor, specialty markets, and stationery. Today, with a total of five calender lines, and a new multi-million dollar cast extrusion line, Achilles USA has the ability to meet the needs of most customer and markets around the world. For more information, contact Mark Taylor at or visit


Geosynthetics in Transportation Applications Article

Geosynthetic materials can decrease project costs and project time; increase design life, stability, and range of acceptable borrow material; and improve performance.  Applications addressed in this article include:  deicing pads, load transform platforms, moisture barriers, underground stormwater management chambers, pavement separators, and tunnel liners.

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Article: Sustainable Geomembrane Recycling and Downcycling

WellSpring Environmental Services, headquartered in Orwigsburg, PA and Ultra-Poly Corporation, based in Portland, PA have created a first-of-its-kind business venture with the purpose of collecting, shredding, grinding and pelletizing geomembranes discarded from Marcellus and Utica Shale drilling, development and production activities.

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Mocon Visits University of Illinois

On 30 March 2014, Anthony Ahmed of Mocon, Inc. visited Tim Stark at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).  Tim gave Anthony a tour of the Geosynthetics Laboratory in the Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory and discussed current and potential FGI research activities.

Dr. Stark welcomes all FGI members to visit the University of Illinois to better understand the resources available and how the FGI can provide additional benefits to them. The FGI is an exciting advancement in the geomembrane industry and allows the Institute to focus on all geomembranes that can be factory fabricated.

Mocon, Inc. provides instruments, testing services and consulting for gas detection, measurement and analysis.  In addition, Mocon is the premier provider and innovator of solutions for:  permeation testing instruments and laboratory services, modified atmosphere packaging, package integrity, shelf-life evaluation, package cost reduction, sustainability, package safety and aerobic bacteria screening.

Tim Stark (left), Technical Director of the FGI with Anthony Ahmed, Global Business Development Manger for Mocon, Inc.