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For more than 60 years, Burke Industries has been manufacturing a highly diversified line of products for construction, aerospace, the armed forces and a wide range of commercial applications. Burke Industries is comprised of three divisions: Burke Flooring, Burke Environmental Products Roofing Systems, and Burke Custom Process. All three Divisions, Environmental Products & Roofing, Custom Process and Burke Flooring are headquartered in San Jose, California. Burke has successfully installed over 500 million square feet of geomembrane liners, covers, and roofing products throughout the United States, as well as internationally. In addition to being able to produce products for just about any industry, Burke also provides the following services: slitting and die cutting, autoclave curing, barwell extrusion, calendaring, and mixing. For more information on Burke Industries, please contact Steve Roades at, or visit


Colorado Lining and Burke Industries Have Cover Article in Geosynthetics

The Australian state of Victoria recently completed a $3.5 billion desalination project.  The Victoria Desalination Plant (VDP) was designed to produce about 40 billion gallons of desalinated drinking water a year to Melbourne.  The VDP features the following:  29 buildings, including the reverse osmosis center; marine contruction, including intake and outlet structures; and a multi-layered floating cover and holding tank baffle system for potable water storage in two 150,000sf holding tanks.

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Gary Kolbasuk Receives Award of Merit

Congratulations to Gary Kolbasuk, Director of Innovation and Technology at Raven Industries, for receiving the Award of Merit from ASTM Committee D35.  The Award of Merit and its accompanying title of fellow is ASTM’s highest organizational recognition for individual contributions to standards activities.

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Geosynthetics 2015 to be held in February

FGI is pleased to be a cooperating organization for the Geosynthetics 2015conference. Geo-technical professionals will unite at Geosynthetics 2015 to explore, learn and share developments in geotechnical engineering technologies. This event will be held on February 15 – 18, 2015 in Portland, OR, USA. This conference will be co-located with the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) show.

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