Dedicated to advancing the use of fabricated geomembranes through education, research, and technology transfer.

Factory fabrication reduces field welding, reduces installation time and costs, allows modular construction and provides consistent seam and liner quality.

Photo Courtesy of Seaman Corp. - Manufacturer Member


  • Frequently asked questions regarding fabricated geomembranes.

  • Links to important industry publications and organizations relevant to geomembrane liner and containment.

  • Fabricated geomembrane guide.

  • Design and Installation Details available to download in both PDF and DWG formats.

  • Geomembrane test methods.

  • Equipment guide for working with fabricated geomembranes.

  • This calculator will help you measure your lake, pond or pit to get an accurate amount of liner.

  • View our archive of previously recorded webinars, and download the latest.

  • Photos from member companies include installation & finished sites.

  • Factory fabrication, Deployment, Testing & more...

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