Member Spotlight: February

Owens Corning (OC) is head quartered in Toledo, Ohio, with additional manufacturing facilities around the Globe. In 2016, the Owens Corning Components division acquired InterWrap Industrial Fabrics. In addition to continuing to manufacture the Rhino branded product line in protective packaging and roofing underlayment, OC will place a major focus on the newly formed Geosynethics business. The geomembrane product mix ranges from 12mil – 40mil with several proprietary technologies including the RhinoMat product line. Owens Corning has recently begun constructing a world class geosynthetics research facility, as part of the current Science & Technology Center, located in Granville, OH. Opening of the new facility is scheduled for Fall, 2017. The FGI liaisons for OC are North American Sales Manager Jimmie Eloff ( and Geosynthetics Engineer Andy Durham (


Focus Groups & Participants

Vapor Transmission Testing
Chair: Anthony Ahmed
Members: Dohn Berger, Martin Vido, Andrew Mills, Mark Taylor, Ray Peebles, Gary Kolbasuk, Glen Knopp, Pat Bradley, Tim Stark, Ron MacKenzie

Fabricated Geomembrane Cross-Seam Guideline
Chair: Andrew Mills
Members: Dave McLaury, Greg Yaple, Steve Hobbs, Raphael Villarreal Barrios, Jeannette Hendrickson

Fabric Reinforced Geomembranes (> 20 mil)
Chair: Bill Shehane
Members: Seaman, Burke, Carlisle, Cooley, Firestone, Carlisle, Colorado Lining, Layfield, CGT, MPC, ECP, Field Lining, Lange Containment, Watersaver, Burk, Raven

Light Reinforced Geomembranes (< 20 mil)
Chair: Andrew Mills
Members: Raven, Layfield, BTL, Midwest Canvas, Solmax, Intertape, Colorado Lining, (Fabrene in future)

Unsupported Poly Geomembranes
Chair: Gary Kolbasuk
Members: Raven, Firestone,
Carlisle, Solmax, Layfield, Colorado Lining, AEG

Unsupported Compounded Geomembranes (PVC, alloys, and rubbers)
Chair: Paul Yurcich
Members: CGT, Achilles, Watersaver, Field Lining, Lange Containment, Accugeo, Solmax, Simbeck, AEG