Member Spotlight:

Seaman Corporation traces its origins to a basement workshop in Canal Fulton, Ohio that was equipped with two sewing machines and fueled by Norm Seaman's dedication to create fabrics that could set a new world standard for versatility and performance. Today, Seaman Corporation has turned that dream into a reality with modern corporate headquarters, product development laboratories and a primary manufacturing facility in Wooster, Ohio. In addition, the company also has a state-of-the-art weaving and coating facility in Bristol, Tennessee. Each discipline within the company is committed to maintaining the founding principles, setting the highest standards for quality, innovation and customer service. Seaman Corporation fabrics are used in high performance roof systems, geomembrane liners, truck tarps, architectural structures and recreational products. For more information on Seaman Corporation, please visit their website at or contact Bill Shehane at


Focus Groups & Participants

Vapor Transmission Testing
Chair: Anthony Ahmed
Members: Dohn Berger, Martin Vido, Andrew Mills, Mark Taylor, Ray Peebles, Gary Kolbasuk, Glen Knopp, Pat Bradley, Tim Stark, Ron MacKenzie

Fabricated Geomembrane Cross-Seam Guideline
Chair: Andrew Mills
Members: Dave McLaury, Greg Yaple, Steve Hobbs, Raphael Villarreal Barrios, Jeannette Hendrickson

Fabric Reinforced Geomembranes (> 20 mil)
Chair: Bill Shehane
Members: Seaman, Burke, Carlisle, Cooley, Firestone, Carlisle, Colorado Lining, Layfield, CGT, MPC, ECP, Field Lining, Lange Containment, Watersaver, Burk, Raven

Light Reinforced Geomembranes (< 20 mil)
Chair: Andrew Mills
Members: Raven, Layfield, BTL, Midwest Canvas, Solmax, Intertape, Colorado Lining, (Fabrene in future)

Unsupported Poly Geomembranes
Chair: Gary Kolbasuk
Members: Raven, Firestone,
Carlisle, Solmax, Layfield, Colorado Lining, AEG

Unsupported Compounded Geomembranes (PVC, alloys, and rubbers)
Chair: Paul Yurcich
Members: CGT, Achilles, Watersaver, Field Lining, Lange Containment, Accugeo, Solmax, Simbeck, AEG