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Mission Statement & Goals

Mission Statement of the FGI:

The mission of the FGI is to develop and transfer knowledge of factory fabricated flexible geosynthetics, assess and critique factory fabricated geosynthetics, and provide relevant services to member organizations. The FGI and its member companies research and develop opportunities for fabricated flexible geomembranes in environmental, geotechnical, transportation and hydraulic engineering applications, such as:

Goals of the FGI:

The main goal of the FGI is to advance the use of fabricated flexible geomembranes through education, research, and technology transfer. As a result, the main objective of the FGI and this website is be to the sole
informational source for the design, construction, and performance of fabricated flexible geomembranes. To achieve this goal, FGI activities will include, but are not limited to, the following specific tasks:

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