Geo-Engineering Podcasts by the FGI

Join Tim Stark (Professor of Civil Engineering and Technical Director of the FGI) and Jen Miller (Coordinator of the FGI) as they discuss the latest emerging geosynthetic industry trends and news. Audio podcasts are available to download from the FGI Website or from the following online streaming services: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor FM, Breaker, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, & Google Podcasts. If you have a topic or question for Tim and Jen, please email:

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Episode 49 - Static and Seismic Deformation Analyses

Episode 48 - Geomembrane Damage During Oil and Gas Operations

Episode 47 - Geosynthetics and Global Warming

Episode 46- Biogas Covers

Episode 44 - Mobilized Interface Strengths on Geosynthetic Lined Slopes

Video Podcast - Mobilized Interface Strengths on Geosynthetic Lined Slopes
Reinforced Geomembranes Part 3: Reinforcing Fabrics
Reinforced Geomembranes Part 2: Geomembrane Polymers
Reinforced Geomembranes Part 1:  Overview
Project Spotlight: Motorway underpasses Village of Raalte in The Netherlands