Dedicated to advancing the use of fabricated flexible geomembranes through education, research, and technology transfer.

Factory fabrication reduces field welding, reduces installation time and costs, allows modular construction and provides consistent seam and liner quality.

IAGI Guidelines

These guidelines are installation guidelines for factory fabricated fabric-supported lightweight geomembranes (<0.64mm or < 25 mil), fabric-supported heavyweight geomembranes (> 0.64 mm or > 25 mil), and compounded unsupported geomembranes (0.25 to 1.52 mm or 10 - 60 mil) in thickness as measured by ASTM D5199, D751 or D1777). These guidelines are designed to provide a minimum set of standards for site installation. However, depending on the complexity and project specific requirements, a qualified design engineering firm may be required for design and installation specifications of the geomembrane.

Compounded Fabricated Geomembrane Guidelines

Lightweight Fabricated Geomembrane Guidelines

Heavyweight Fabricated Geomembrane Guidelines

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