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FGI Guidelines

These guidelines provide some recommendations for the equipment, procedure, and testing of fabricated geomembranes.  These guidelines are intended to present factory and field personnel with some “best practices” recommendations.  

FGI-10-2024: Factory Fabrication Guideline

February 12, 2024

FGI-9-2023: Current Overview of EIA Geomembranes

July 25, 2023

FGI-8-2022: Guideline for Positive Pressure Biogas Cover Systems

October 27, 2022

FGI-7-2022: Operation and Maintenance Guideline for Geosynthetic Lined Water Reservoirs

July 7, 2022

FGI-6-2021: Guideline for Desert Installation of Fabricated Geomembrane Panels

September 23, 2021

FGI-5-2016:  Guideline for Field Seam Test Frequency for Fabricated Geomembrane Panels

May 3, 2016

FGI-4-2015:  Guideline for Air Lance Testing of Field Geomembrane Seams

August 16, 2015

FGI-3-2012:  ASTM Approved Guideline for Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Deployment of Fabricated Geomembrane Panels

October 20, 2012

FGI-2-2011:  Testing Frequency for Factory Seams

October 24, 2023

FGI-1-2010:  Subgrade Guideline

July 14, 2010