Electrical Leak Location Surveys with Flexible Geomembranes

Timothy D. Stark

October 6, 2023


Electrical Leak Location Surveys with Flexible Geomembranes

Electrical Leak Location Surveys (ELLSs) can be performed with flexible geomembranes, i.e., non-HDPE geomembranes; if an HDPE geomembrane is used, it should be white to reduce wrinkling, which is discussed below:

  • In fact, it is easier to “leak locate” flexible geomembranes because they usually exhibit a greater amount of intimate contact with the subgrade, i.e., they lay flat, and exhibit smaller wrinkles that do not have to be removed as HDPE geomembranes do.  
  • In general, it is difficult to perform a ELLS with wrinkles greater than 3 inches high because they cannot be “walked out” and there is no intimate contact with the subgrade.
  • ELLSs are independent of geomembrane polymer type, the main limitations are wrinkles and the geomembrane being a good insulator.
  • However, ELLSs cannot be performed on two types of geomembranes; conductive geomembranes and EPDM geomembranes because of the large amount of carbon black.

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