FGI Members Provide Aid During COVID19 Pandemic

Several members of the Fabricated Geomembrane Instiute (FGI) have altered their plans and manufacturing facilities to provide much needed supplies to the medical community.  Please see a few examples of how these extraordinary companies are stepping up during the pandemic:

Plastatech Provides Medical Grade PVC Membrane for Masks and Gowns


Raven Industries Creates Medical PPE Gowns for Healthcare Workers


Cooley Group Manufactures Medical Products and Supplies


Intertape Polymer Group Makes Containment and Medical Supplies


Owens Corning Foundation plans to use most of its 2020 budget to help charities battling coronavirus in OC communities. The foundation is making grants to hospitals, food banks, homeless shelters, and other charities. Grants are in process or have already been sent to communities in Belgium, Canada, China, England, France, India, Italy, Spain, and the United States.

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