FGI Offering Short Course on Subgrade Preparation & Use of GCLs with Flexible Geomembranes

Join us for an online short course that will focus on subgrade preparation for installation of flexible geomembranes. In addition, the course will focus on the use of geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) with flexible geomembranes to create a composite barrier system. This course will describe the requirements for subgrade preparation before a flexible geomembrane is installed, such as maximum rock size allowed, presence of water, and smooth rolling the surface before geomembrane installation. This course will also present information on the hydraulic performance, chemical resistance, shear strength, and installation of GCLs with flexible geomembranes.

3.0 PDH, Free

Part 1: Subgrade Preparation - April 9, 2024 -12-1:30 pm CDT - Presented by Dr. Timothy D. Stark (University of Illinois)

Part 2: Use of GCLs with Flexible Geomembranes - April 10, 2024 -12-1:30 pm CDT - Presented by Marat Goldenberg, P.E. (CETCO)

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