FGI Welcomes Plastika Kritis

The Fabricated Geomembrane Institute (FGI) is pleased to welcome its newest Manufacturer Member, Plastika Kritis (PK). Founded in 1970, Plastika Kritis is a leading European manufacturer of geomembranes and other plastic products, and a pioneer in blown film extrusion. In 1999 the company was listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.

PK specializes in high-performance geomembranes, such as EVOH barriers, and has supplied millions of square feet to projects globally for a variety of applications, including landfill lining and capping, water reservoirs, irrigation canals, earth dams, agriculture, construction, and more.

PK operates10 cutting-edge facilities in 7 countries and produces in-house premium additives and compounds used for its geomembranes and liners. The global footprint allows PK to supply its customers competitively, quickly, and securely. PK has a sales office in New York and the FGI liaison is Yannis Lempidakis, Business Development Manager, who can be reached at yl@plastikakritis.com.  Please help us welcome Plastika Kritis to the FGI!!!!

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