DOWNLOAD NOW! Multi-Layer Interface Shear Testing - Presented by Robert H. Swan of Drexel University & Tim Stark of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Recorded TUESDAY - 4/9/2019

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Factory fabrication reduces field welding, reduces installation time and costs, allows modular construction and provides consistent seam and liner quality.

ASTM D7408 Seam Peel Strength

ASTM D882 Tensile Properties

ASTM D 7408 Seam Shear Strength

ASTM D5994 Thickness Textured Geomembrane

ASTM D5199 - Procedure B - Thickness, Smooth Geomembrane

Fabricated Geomembrane Panel Deployment

Raven EFD (Formerly Colorado Lining International, Inc.)

Unfolding Geomembrane Panel

Deploying Folded Geomembrane Panels

Deploying Small Geomembrane Panels

Frac Tank

Layfield Environmental Containment


Layfield Environmental Containment

Factory Fabrication